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Tax Returns
Most business people will have said “All I seem to do is work long and hard but I'm never any better off as I just end up paying more tax”

Unfortunately the payment of tax is one life’s certainties with many people paying more than they need to.

Many millions of pounds are overpaid by businesses each year to the taxman, and in order to avoid becoming one of them, it is vital that you receive the correct tax advice.

Ensuring that you correctly declare your income and take full advantage of any allowances that are due to you is DRJ's primary concern. We achieve this by the detailed and skilled preparation of your tax returns each year, taking care that the myriad and constant changes in tax legislation are taken into account. No business can afford to fall foul of the increasingly punishing penalty system in operation. 

At David Jones Accountants we aim to spare you these headaches and free up your valuable time, as we pride ourselves in providing a taxation service of the highest quality.

Our experienced professional staff will calculate your tax, complete and submit your returns to HMRC and prepare a tax projection advising you of your tax liability and the payment deadline.

Correct preparation of your tax return is vital in avoiding penalties and interest charges, and in your tax projection, we also suggest what regular sum needs to be put aside as tax provision.

We also look at the many available opportunities to save tax by careful planning, particularly for the licensed trade sector, where DRJ are at the forefront in providing tax advice

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