From 1st April 2020 it becomes mandatory for every new member of staff to receive a written statement of terms and conditions of employment immediately. There is no longer a window in which this documentation can be given, it must be on their first day of employment. This not only protects your employees, but also you as an employer.

To help you with your compliance, we can provide some sample statements of terms and conditions of employment/ contracts of employment for you to use and give to your new employees. If you would like these please click the button below to send us an email, requesting this document.

To request this documen; please email

This is also the perfect time to review your existing personnel records to make sure that all your current staff have suitable terms and conditions of employment.While it is mandatory for your staff to have this written statement, it is good practice for you to also have a staff handbook, setting out the procedures and guidance which will be applied in managing the working relationship with your staff. This document also helps to protect you from any unwanted employment disputes.

We are currently seeking to develop an appropriate staff handbook to cover the key procedures and guidance required. We intend to make this available to you at a one-off cost.