Making sure you have all of the facts ensures informed and productive decision making.

Whilst management accounts provide a record of your financial performance, sometimes financial decision making calls for an assessment of the likely impact any changes may have on your business using financial projections.

We revisit the original business plan projection after the first four to six weeks of trading, to establish whether actual business performance is likely to translate into the results envisaged at the outset.

We refer to this as our Health Check visit. Where any changes are required, the projection is updated to help assess the financial implications associated with the revised business model.

A second projection is then prepared following the end of the first VAT quarter. This projection is driven primarily by taxation considerations with the objective being an estimate of the likely tax liabilities arising from the business profits.

At the Tax Projection visit, any revisions to the earlier plan will be translated into projected profitability and the financial implications analysed and advised upon, to assist in the future decision-making process.

As part of our service commitment to you, we are always happy to prepare financial projections to help with key decision making where a fundamental change in the nature of your business or your circumstances is expected.

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